Turkey: fear of torture / death in custody: Mustafa Yasar, Metin Ozturk, Remzi Basalak

Mustafa Yasar and Metin Ozturk have been held incommunicado in Adana Police Headquarters since 23 October 1992. According to a newspaper report, they were detained after their identity cards were found on two men who had robbed the Tekel depot in Adana. The robbery is thought to have been carried out on behalf of an illegal organization. The same newspaper reported on 27 October 1992 that a fourth youth, Remzi Basalak, had been arrested after the robbery and had died in custody the same day. An autopsy found that death was due to a brain haemorrhage which the police have claimed was caused by a fall when he was being arrested. However, four lawyers in Adana have disputed this and alleged that he died under torture.

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