Niger: Summary of Amnesty International’s concerns in 1991

Amnesty International’s current concerns in Niger are summarized in this report. The treatment of Tuareg prisoners arrested in 1990 is the latest in a series of major violations since the government of President Ali Saibou took power in 1987. Arrests of Tuareg began in mid March 1990, with wide- scale arrests in the Iferouane, Agadez and Tahoua areas. Torture was reported in Tahoua barracks and at least four prisoners, including teacher Abdoulmoumine Ag Mohamed, died in detention. Further arrests in May 1990 in the Tchin-Tabaraden area included prominent members of the Tuareg Community such as former government minister Abdoulahi Mohamed and village leader Khamed Ibrahim El Moumine. Other concerns include unfair trials, torture and extrajudicial killings.

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