Guinea-Bissau / Spain: Further information on: fear of refoulement / ill-treatment / fear for safety / health concern and new concerns: possible extrajudicial execution / ill-treatment / arbitrary arrest

Albert Mukesha Batwaro, Rwandese, and other African nationals, particularly: Ahire Uwaifo Naruna (25), Nigerian, David Adekoro Damolekun (24), Nigerian, Cesaltina (f) (other names not known): On 23 September 1996 Ahire Uwaifo Naruna, one of the 46 African nationals who have been held in Guinea-Bissau for over three months after being expelled from Spain, was shot dead by police in the aftermath of a violent demonstration; David Adekoro Damolekun was injured. Also on 23 September, Cesaltina, an elderly woman, was arbitrarily detained on suspicion that she had assisted the protesters.

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