An intercultural world

Index Number: SEC 01/0005/2013

Interculturality is the biggest challenge for Spanish state schools, where the composition of the classrooms has quickly changed in the last years because of an increasing number of students coming from other countries. We consider the didactic unities not only to work in the formal education but also in every educational field: school, children and youth associations, youth centre, etc. We have defined two groups, because at these ages there is a great difference in their learning capacity. In the first group, more playful and experiential activities will be done. In the second group, activities with higher critical analysis of reality and an improved skill to propose ideas will be presented. We use a socio-emotional and constructive methodology, proposing activities in which children could experience by themselves what we are trying to transmit to them and, at the same time, they could construct their own knowledge. We also propose a mutual learning in which children and monitors could exchange their experiences and knowledge. Finally, we will use research-action techniques through which concepts we are dealing with will be investigated in order to put it later into practice in our daily life.

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