Argentina: Scrapping of Military Code of Justice welcomed

Amnesty International welcomes the decision by the Argentine Parliament to scrap the 1951 Military Code of Justice, thus abolishing the death penalty in all cases and closing military courts of justice. 

“Argentina now joins the global trend towards total abolition of the death penalty,” said Amnesty International. “Today’s move is also a major step towards ensuring that human rights abuses are dealt with by civilian courts.”

The decision abolishes provisions for the death penalty for crimes committed in times of armed conflict or in peace time by members of the armed forces. From now on all military personnel accused of ordinary offences or crimes under international law will be tried by civilian courts.  Likewise, military personnel charged with an offence or crime will be free to appoint a civilian lawyer, instead of military.

Amnesty International is also studying other provisions adopted by the Argentine Parliament today to ensure they are consistent with international law.