Cameroon: The unlawful killings of two people by separatists must not go unpunished

Responding to the unlawful killings of two people by armed separatists in the town of Guzang in the North-West region of Cameroon on 4 October, Amnesty International’s West and Central Africa Director, Samira Daoud, said:

“This heinous crime is yet another manifestation of the daily horror experienced by the inhabitants of the towns and villages in the Anglophone regions over which armed groups are trying to impose their control.

“We call on the authorities to carry out an urgent and impartial investigation to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

“The Amnesty International Evidence Lab verified the details of a video shared on social media showing the unlawful killings at the Guzang Market Square, which the Ambazonia Governing Council, a separatist organisation linked to the Ambazonia Defence Forces armed group, claimed responsibility for.

“In the video, the two victims can be seen talking to at least two armed men before they are suddenly shot in front of dozens of people who were standing on the side of the road. More than 10 gunshots can be heard.

In a press release issued the day after the attack, the Senior Divisional Officer of Momo Division condemned the killings and committed to carrying out an investigation to “track down the perpetrators.”

“Authorities in Cameroon must immediately take steps to investigate all allegations of serious human rights abuses committed by both State forces and armed groups and prevent more abuses from happening.”

In July 2023, Amnesty International published a report on serious human rights violations and abuses by the armed forces and armed separatists groups in the two Anglophone regions. Read more about the report here: Cameroon: With or against us: People of the North-West region of Cameroon caught between the army, armed separatists and militias – Amnesty International