Young people hold up banners in the Philippines about climate change.

Speaking up became a threat to my survival

It is a dangerous time to be a young climate activist in the Philippines. The country is incredibly vulnerable to climate change, yet with digital misinformation, political turmoil, and threats of being labeled a terrorist spiraling out of control, young activists have never been more at risk.

As a young climate activist, I am dealing with a lot. I am coming to terms with the aftermath of a global pandemic as well as facing the real threat of climate change. Nonetheless, I continue to fight for gender justice, promote the importance of mental health, and raise awareness of human rights.

To do this effectively and efficiently, I use social media to campaign for the causes I am passionate about. However, social media has opened the floodgates for trolls, bullies, and abusers to attack activists like me online. I have even been threatened with violence in real life as a result of my online activism.

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