Reaffirming our commitment to the brave women of Afghanistan

Afghan women must be heard and supported. It is time to put words into action

The takeover by the Taliban on 15 August 2021 marked a new epoch in the history of Afghanistan. Human rights have been constantly violated, more so the rights of women and girls.

 Till date the Taliban have continued to ban Afghan women and girls from their fundamental human rights. The hurdles that Afghan women face refuse to ebb down. Even as they struggle to assert their rights, there are continuously intimidated and harassed by the Taliban.

Let the women of Afghanistan know we are with them.

Do not forget the Afghan women, be our voice and raise your voice with your governments. The rest of the struggles is on us and we will continue.

Mahbouba Seraj, Executive Director, Afghan Women Skills Development Center.

Not only the Taliban de-facto authorities have broken their promise of protecting Afghan people’s rights, especially women’s rights, they have resumed the cycle of violence and committed a litany of human rights abuses and violations with full impunity. The fundamental rights of women and girls have been stripped.

As the girls and women of Afghanistan continue to brave the storm, stand with them, and speak out for their right to live in freedom, dignity and equality.

The Taliban continue human rights abuse and violations since taking power. They have broken their promises to respect and protect human rights and women’s rights and they are not hold accountable.

Human rights are under attack on all fronts. It must be stopped. Call on the Taliban to immediately reverse their decisions and unconditionally lift all bans against women and girls in Afghanistan.

I don’t want Afghan women to be a part of history. We need everyone to be the voice of Afghan women, calling for their safety and security.  

Shukria Barakzai, Former member of Parliament and Former Afghan Ambassador to Norway.

The Taliban has started a new era of human rights abuse and violations since taking over on 15 August 2021 in Afghanistan. Today, one year later, the country is at the brink of irreversible ruin.

Call on the Taliban de-facto authorities to respect and guarantee protection of human rights in Afghanistan, especially that of women and girls.

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The Taliban's denial of human rights to women & girls of Afghanistan is an attempt to erase them from the society. Ask the Taliban to protect rights of women and girls to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly. #SpeakUpForAfghanWomen

Afghanistan is the only country to have placed a de facto ban on girls' secondary education. Call on the Taliban to respect and guarantee protection of women and girls in Afghanistan. #SpeakUpForAfghanWomen
Even as the brave Afghan women continue to demand for their most basic rights, it is time for the International community to step up efforts in putting pressure on the Taliban to stop discrimination and violence against women. #SpeakUpforAfghanWomen