Universal jurisdiction: 14 Principles on the effective exercise of universal jurisdiction

This document states the 14 Principles on the effective exercise of Universal jurisdiction: 1. Crimes of universal jurisdiction. 2. No immunity for persons in official capacity. 3. No immunity for past crimes. 4. No statutes of limitation. 5. Superior orders, duress and necessity should not be permissible defences. 6. National laws and decisions designed to shield persons form prosecution cannot bind courts in other countries. 7. No political interference. 8. Grave crimes under international law must be investigated and prosecuted without waiting for complaints of victims or others with a sufficient interest. 9. Internationally recognized guarantees for fair trials. 10. Public trials in the presence of international monitors. 11. The interests of victims, witnesses and their families must be taken into account. 12. No death penalty or other cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment. 13. International cooperation in investigation and prosecution. 14. Effective training of judges, prosecutors, investigators and defence lawyers.

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