Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Buddhist monks in detention

Several monks of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Viet Nam (UBCV) were arrested in central and south Viet Nam in 1993, evoking the confrontations between monks and the authorities over 30 years ago in the former Republic of (South) Viet Nam. AI believes that some of the monks in detention are prisoners of conscience while others may have been convicted after unfair trials. This report describes the arrests in Hue in May 1993 and the Son Linh Pagoda arrests in July. Information is given about the following Buddhist monks in detention or under restriction: Thich Huyen Quang, Thich Quang Do, Thich Nguyen Giac, Thich Tri Sieu, Thich Tue Sy, Thich Thien Tan, Thich Phuc Vien, Thich Tri Tuu, Thich Hai Tang, Thich Hai Chanh, Thich Hai Thinh, Thich Han Duc and Thich Thien Tho.

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