South Korea: Appeal on behalf of Baik Tae-ung

Baik Tae-ung, a 31-year-old former student of law and a leader of Sanomaeng (Socialist Workers’ League), was sentenced to life imprisonment under the National Security Law. Sanomaeng has been identified by the authorities as “anti-state”; its supporters claim that it is a political organization with a socialist orientation whose aims include the establishment of a socialist society in South Korea by peaceful and democratic means. Baik Tae-ung was arrested on 29 April 1992 by the ANSP and interrogated for 22 days, during which time he claims to have been tortured. He was tried in July 1992. AI is concerned about the allegations of torture made by Baik Tae-ung and is also concerned that he may be a prisoner of conscience.

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