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UA 367/94 - Turkey: medical concern / ill-treatment: Mehmet Doluviran, Mehdi Yaman, Mehmet Akgul, Hasan Orak, Hanefi Haram (in intensive care in Diyarbakir State Hospital); Sahabettin Fidan, Zulfikar Bayram, Esat Dikin, Sirin Bilin, Sehmuz Karagoz, Hasan

, Index number: EUR 44/112/1994

At least 80 prisoners in Diyarbakir E-type Prison (for political prisoners) have been wounded, some severely, after police and soldiers entered the prison on 4 October 1994. One prisoner, 19-year-old Ramazan Ozuak, died. The police and soldiers entered the prison apparently to move some of the prisoners. When prisoners blocked the entrances to Wards 18, 27 and 31, they reportedly blew the ceilings and walls apart and fired in tear gas. The prisoners were then allegedly beaten until the morning of 5 October.

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