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Sudan: Women's human rights: an action report

, Index number: AFR 54/021/1995

This report draws attention to the human rights violations suffered by women in Sudan. Women in Sudan face abuses by both the government and armed opposition groups. In the war zones of southern Sudan and the Nuba mountains, there are reports of widespread massacre, rape and enslavement of women. At least three million people are displaced because of the war. Outside the war zones, women have had personal and political freedoms destroyed. Since its coming to power in 1989, the military government has set about attempting to mould society according to its own interpretation of Islam. Women activists have been detained and ill-treated and women have been punished for wearing clothes not considered decent or for brewing alcohol. The report concludes with a list of letter writing suggestions for letters to the Sudan authorities and to armed opposition groups, asking them to safeguard women's human rights.

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