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Further information on UA 100/94 (AFR 54/06/94, 11 March; and follow-ups AFR 54/08/94, 17 March and AFR 54/09/94, 25 March) - Sudan: fear of torture / prisoners of conscience: 'Izzat Mirghani Taha, Khalifa Khader Kemair, Kamal Abu al-Gassim

, Index number: AFR 54/011/1994

The three people named above have now been released from detention. They are the last to be released of a number of people arrested on 10 March 1994. 'Izzat Mirghani Taha was released on 31 March, while Khalifa Khader Kemair and Kamal Abu al-Gassim were released on 5 April.

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