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Medical letter writing action - Comoros: Dr M'Tara Maecha, Omar Tamou, Lieutenant Abdallah Ahmed Cheik, Lieutenant Abderahmane Ahmed Abdallah, Captain Combo Ayouba

, Index number: AFR 21/004/1993

The above five people were sentenced to death on 24 April by the State Security Court after an abortive coup attempt in September 1992, but their sentences were commuted in May 1993. Four others, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, were similarly sentenced in absentia; it is unclear whether their sentences were also commuted. Three military officers, who include two sons of former President Mohamed Abdallah, are currently being held at Kandani military camp, together with an alleged fifty or more untried soldiers in small punishment cells without proper sanitary facilities, and some are reportedly in need of medical attention. Two former government ministers are being held at Maison d'Arret, Moroni. There are also concerns about the trial in which the five were convicted

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