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"Disappearances" and political killings: human rights crisis of ...
6 July 1993

This chapter of a forthcoming major AI report, together with Chapter G-2, shows how the UN and other intergovernmental organizations approach the ...

Report       ACT 33/006/1993

Weekly update service 64/93
16 June 1993

1. Somalia: Amnesty International concerned at killings of civilians by United Nations peacekeeping troops. 2. Sierra Leone: Amnesty International calls ...

Report       NWS 11/064/1993

Somalia: Update on a disaster - proposals for human rights
29 April 1993

This report reviews the progress made in tackling the human rights disaster and sets out proposals for the long-term protection of basic human rights ...

Report       AFR 52/001/1993

Weekly update service 41/93
28 April 1993

1. Somalia: Update on a disaster - Amnesty International proposals for human rights. 2. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Continued human rights abuses.

Report       NWS 11/041/1993

AI News Release: Somalia: a human rights disaster
4 August 1992

AI Index: AFR 52/02/92. Distr:SC/PO. 0001 hrs gmt Wednesday 5 August 1992. £SOMALIA: @A HUMAN RIGHTS DISASTER. ...

Press Release       AFR 52/002/1992

Somalia: A human rights disaster
4 August 1992

This report describes human rights violations of concern to AI in the 18 months of civil war and violence which have followed the ending of the brutal ...

Report       AFR 52/001/1992

Africa: Amnesty International's concerns and activities on ...
30 April 1991

This document consists of the text of a written statement submitted to the 18th meeting of the Organization of African Unity Coordinating Committee for ...

Report       AFR 01/004/1991

Conscientious objection to military service
1 January 1991

This report summarizes Amnesty International's concerns regarding conscientious objection in 23 countries as of January 1991 (in a few cases ...

Report       POL 31/001/1991

UA 480/90 - Somalia: extrajudicial executions: Mohamed ...
26 November 1990

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: AFR 52/39/90. Distr: UA/SC. UA 480/90 Extrajudicial Executions26 November 1990. ...

Urgent Action       AFR 52/039/1990

Further information on UA 17/90 (AFR 52/05/90, 12 January ...
7 November 1990

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: AFR 52/38/90. Distr: UA/SC. 7 November 1990. Further information on UA ...

Urgent Action       AFR 52/038/1990