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Iraq: Days of rage: Protests and repression in Iraq
12 April 2011

Thousands of Iraqis have taken to the streets since early February 2011 to protest against the chronic lack of basic services, rising prices, mass ...

Report       MDE 14/013/2011

Iraq: Days of Rage: Protests and Repression in Iraq ...
12 April 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. 12 April 2011. AI Index: MDE 14/020/2011. 'Days of Rage: Protests and Repression in Iraq'. Testimonies / Case studies ...

PressItem       MDE 14/020/2011

Iraqi authorities must address attacks on protesters
8 April 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. MEDIA ADVISORY. 8 April 2011. AI Index: MDE 14/017/2011. Iraqi authorities must address attacks on protesters. ...

PressItem       MDE 14/017/2011

Iraq: Protester detained, at risk of torture in Iraq: 'Ala Nabil
8 April 2011

An Iraqi political activist, 'Ala Nabil, was detained after a protest in Baghdad on 8 April 2011. His whereabouts are unknown and Amnesty International ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/018/2011

Iraq: Investigate deadly violence at Camp Ashraf | Amnesty ...
8 April 2011

Clashes between Iraqi security forces and residents in Camp Ashraf resulted in multiple deaths and injuries.


Amnesty International | Iraq: Investigate deadly violence at ...
8 April 2011

The Iraqi authorities must immediately launch an independent investigation into reports that Iraqi troops killed and injured residents of a camp for Iranian ...

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Security with Human Rights
6 April 2011

Amnesty International is launching a major worldwide campaign, Security with Human Rights. It aims to expose governments that violate human rights ...

Document       ACT 30/001/2011

Iraq: Further information: Detained cleric released: Kamran 'Ali ...
6 April 2011

The Muslim cleric who was detained by police on 29 March was released on 6 April.

Urgent Action       MDE 14/016/2011

Iraq: Cleric held incommunicado, risks torture: Kamran 'Ali ...
1 April 2011

An imam (Muslim cleric) is being held incommunicado in Iraq's Kurdistan Region, and is believed to be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

Urgent Action       MDE 14/015/2011

Wire, April/May 2011. Vol. 41, issue 02
1 April 2011

1) Death and injury the order of the day 2) LiveWire: Libya; Romania; Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories; Egypt 3) Time to demand a bullet ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2011