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Iraq: Further information: Iraqi pro-reform activist released
6 July 2011

Iraqi activist Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi was released on 3 July.

Urgent Action       MDE 14/036/2011

Iraq: Activist abducted in Baghdad: Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi
1 July 2011

An Iraqi pro-reform activist was abducted in central Baghdad on 27 June 2011 by men wearing civilian clothes. His whereabouts are unknown to his ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/035/2011

Iraq: 15 men at imminent risk of execution
21 June 2011

Fifteen men, alleged to be members of armed groups, were sentenced to death on 16 June, only days after “confessions” by several of them were broadcast ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/034/2011

Iraq: Further information: Man remains in detention despite ...
16 June 2011

An Iraqi man formerly under sentence of death who was acquitted at the end of 2010 by the Court of Cassation continues to be detained in al-Kadhimiya ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/032/2011

Iraq: Death sentences highlight concerns over taped televised ...
16 June 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 16 June 2011. Index: MDE 14/033/2011. Iraq: Death sentences highlight ...

Public Statement       MDE 14/033/2011

Iraq: Further information: Four Iraqi activists released
10 June 2011

Four activists detained in Iraq on 27 May were released on 7 June. They allege that they were tortured in detention.

Urgent Action       MDE 14/031/2011

Iraq: Further information: Four activists remain detained in Iraq
3 June 2011

The seven remaining activists from the Ayna Haqqi NGO that had been detained in Baghdad on 28 May have been released. However four activists ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/030/2011

Iraq: Protesters detained, at risk of torture
2 June 2011

A group of pro-reform activists have been allowed no contact with the outside world since they were detained on 27 and 28 May in Baghdad. They are ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/029/2011

Iraqi authorities must stop clampdown on peaceful protest ...
1 June 2011

Authorities urged to uphold and protect the right of Iraqis to engage in peaceful protests following the arrest of 15 pro-reform activists.


Iraq: Three sentenced to death in Iraq
18 May 2011

Three men were sentenced to death in Iraq in April. Their lawyers have appealed, but if their sentences are upheld, the men could be executed within ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/028/2011