Stop the automated apartheid in Palestine

Palestinians are fighting against the use of facial recognition technology (FRT) as a tool to restrict their basic rights. Send a message now and support them.

What’s the problem?

Immediately after the crackdown on protests in May 2021, constant surveillance and repression against Palestinians intensified, particularly in Hebron and East Jerusalem.

At Checkpoint 56, one of the most photographed checkpoints in Hebron, a towering barrier with two turnstiles and at least 24 cameras on the outside separates Palestinians from basic goods and services, employment, education, family, and health care. Israeli security forces are using a new facial recognition system called Red Wolf. In occupied East Jerusalem, the surveillance system Mabat 2000 connects 1000s of CCTV cameras for facial recognition across the city, with increases in devices in Sheikh Jarrah, around Damascus Gate and Silwan in particular. We identified cameras provided by Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co, Ltd. based in China and TKH Security based in the Netherlands.

Palestinians are the only racial group required to use these checkpoints. Because of the illegally collected biometric data, they are at risk of arbitrary arrest, interrogation, and detention. If the surveillance continues, people will not be able to live with dignity.

Technology can improve access to education, healthcare, and information, increasing opportunities for all people regardless of their background. It should not be used to harass and marginalize Palestinians and perpetuate Israel’s apartheid system.

What you can do to help?

Send emails to businesses selling facial recognition products and demand the immediate cessation of the production of facial recognition and biometric technologies, and the elimination of all illegally acquired biometric data used to create databases and any models or products based on such data.