Senegal. Demand Justice for Cheikh Wade and the Thirteen

Those responsible for the deaths of Cheikh Wade and 13 others during the March 2021 protests may escape justice. Take action now and demand justice for all those who died during these events.

Cheikh Wade was a young tailor living in Parcelles Assainies. He was participating in a demonstration that took place in Dakar on 8 March 2021 when he was shot. A video that circulated widely on social media showed him lying on the ground after a member of the security forces shot him with a gun. A few moments later, a police vehicle came up to the body lying on the ground, before continuing its way.

The autopsy report concluded that his death was due to head trauma from a firearm projectile with bones smashed, left hemisphere cerebral decay, as well as internal and external bleeding. His family, through his lawyer, filed a complaint on 26 May 2021 with a judge at the Dakar Court of Appeal and the General Prosecutor at the Supreme Court.

The protests that took place in Dakar during this period were violently repressed by the security forces and at least fourteen human lives were lost. At the end of November, no judicial investigation had yet been opened despite the commitments made by the authorities.

Join our supporters and members to demand justice for the family of Cheikh Wade and those of the 13 other young Senegalese killed during the March 2021 protests.

Send an email to the Minister of Justice Malick Sall to ask that the investigation into the death of Cheikh Wade be expedited so that the circumstances of his death are revealed and that those responsible are brought to justice.