Keep legal gender recognition legal in Slovakia

What’s the problem?

Transgender people have been able to access legal gender recognition in Slovakia for more than 40 years. The Slovak parliament is now proposing to change the legislation and make gender recognition impossible. They will vote on it in June 2023.

Currently, Slovak law allows legal gender recognition under strict conditions. If adopted, the new bill would force transgender people to prove they have the “correct” set of chromosomes to have their legal gender affirmed. It’s virtually impossible, as most transgender people don’t have chromosomes that match their gender identity and goes against the right to self-determination and international human rights law.

A ban on legal gender recognition would gravely impact the rights of transgender people. They would be forced into revealing their gender assigned at birth in during every medical appointment, while travelling, or when signing for a parcel. It would also increase the risk of bullying, discrimination, or violence and impact their right to privacy.

What you can do to help?

Call on members of the Slovak parliament to refuse the bill that would make legal gender recognition in Slovakia impossible.