Justice for those killed during protests in Senegal

Since 2021, the families of those killed in protests have been anxiously awaiting the time when they will be summoned before a court to testify and hold accountable those responsible for the human rights violations they suffered. To these families have recently been added more than twenty others who have just lost a loved one killed during the demonstrations of June 2023. Act now and demand justice for them by sending an email to the Senegalese authorities.

He was hit in the chest and was losing a lot of blood. We took him to the hospital [Silence], but he kept losing a lot of blood along the way. When we arrived, he was pronounced dead.

The uncle and the grandfather of Ousmane Badio

Ousmane Badio, 17, is one of the recent victims of the violent crackdown on protests in Senegal. He was fatally shot on 1 June in Ziguinchor, in the south of Senegal. Ousmane’s uncle and grandfather said he was shot 200 meters from his home in Korentas (a neighbourhood in Ziguinchor), where protests were taking place.

According to testimonies received by his relatives, it was a policeman who shot Ousmane. Since that day, her father has been in shock and cannot speak; Ousmane was his eldest son. Ousmane is among those killed in protests that took place between 1 June and 2 June 2023.

In March 2021, 14 people had been killed in the protests. To date, the Senegalese authorities still have no answers for the families of these victims.

How can you help the families?

Our members and supporters continue to fight for judicial investigations and justice for those killed in protests since March 2021.

Join them! Send an email now to the Senegalese authorities to demand that they keep the promises of justice made to the Senegalese people.