Spain and Morocco: Demand justice for dead and missing at Melilla 

On 24 June 2022, people attempting to cross into Melilla through a border crossing between Spain and Morocco were met with a shocking display of unlawful force by Moroccan and Spanish security forces. At least 37 Black people – mostly from sub-Saharan Africa – died unlawfully and 76 remain missing. Their loved ones still don’t have answers about what happened to them. 

Join us to demand truth, justice and reparations for the victims and their families. 

‘They were trying to climb the wall, but the authorities had tear gas and stones. They fell down on the Moroccan side and the police were hitting them with wooden sticks. They died because of the beating.’

Abdessalam saw his brother and cousin being beaten by Moroccan forces.

On 24 June 2022, Moroccan and Spanish security forces used unlawful force and committed acts which may amount to torture and other ill-treatment to violently stop people trying to cross at the border.  

Security forces used batons, tear gas, rubber bullets and beat and kicked people in an enclosed area from which people could not easily leave, even after they were under police control and could not move. Both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities failed to provide prompt and adequate medical assistance to the injured, while dozens were left unattended in the full glare of the sun for at least eight hours.  

To date, Morocco and Spain have failed to even release information to loved ones about the dead and missing or to acknowledge any wrongdoing. The authorities have failed to adequately investigate these actions which constitute crimes under international law and human rights violations or to investigate racism and discrimination at the border.  

Whilst this was the deadliest, it was not an isolated case. People face an ongoing risk of serious violations of their human rights at this border. The lack of safe routes and Europe’s harmful fortification policies at any cost have lethal results. 

Demand that Morocco and Spain guarantee the right of victims and their families to truth, justice and reparations and take measures to ensure non-repetition. ACT NOW.