End Human Rights Violations in El Salvador

Defend justice. Call on Salvadoran authorities to end the state of emergency and create public security policies focused on the human rights of all people #SinExcepción. 

What’s the problem? 

In El Salvador, the state of emergency declared in 2022 has caused a human rights crisis. This measure has given rise to recurring patterns of violations during the cycles of arrest, prosecution and imprisonment, the main manifestations of which have been massive arbitrary detentions; forced disappearances, the commission of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against people in detention centers; and the deaths of people in state custody.

These measures have serious consequences: Amnesty International has documented in the report;

Behind the veil of popularity: repression and regression in human rights in El Salvador; the death of at least 190 people in State custody and cases of torture, including of minors. The right to freedom of expression and the press is also seriously threatened, and there are journalists who leave the country or self-censor.

Your signature can make things change. The Salvadoran authorities have to know that the world is deeply concerned and does not support or endorse measures that violate human rights. Therefore, we ask you to end the state of emergency and work towards comprehensive public security policies that respect human rights in El Salvador.

What can you do to help?

Sign our petition today. Your voice can contribute to change in El Salvador and protect human rights. #SinExcepción