Demand Russia stops indoctrinating children

Russia, as an occupying power, is obliged by international humanitarian and human rights law to provide quality education to children. Instead, propaganda and intimidation are being used in occupied areas to attack Ukrainian children’s cultural heritage and identity and indoctrinate them in Russian versions of history and culture.

What’s the problem?

Across Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, children are being denied access to Ukrainian schooling. Many have to secretly study online, living in fear of being caught.

Schools no longer teach in Ukrainian. All Ukrainian textbooks have been removed from school libraries. The new textbooks contain Russian propaganda. In the words of a headteacher from Berdiansk community, the ultimate idea is the “elimination of Ukrainian identity”.

If you do not want Ukraine to kill you, tell us everything you see and know about it

Notice to children from a school in Zaporizhzhia region

In some schools, Russian armed guards are posted on every floor. Children are threatened with being sent to Russian orphanages if they miss school or misbehave. Some parents have hidden their children at home and must repeatedly lie to authorities to protect them.

Children’s education is one more casualty of Russian aggression. Russia must stop its war against Ukraine.

Read Amnesty International’s full report.

What can you do to help?

Demand Russian authorities stop the indoctrination of Ukrainian children and allow teachers to provide a quality education.