Demand justice for people killed during August 2022 events in Sierra Leone

The families of people killed during protests in August 2022 in Sierra Leone deserve justice. A year after the burial of their loved-ones, Sierra Leonean authorities have failed to give them truth, justice, and reparations for the death of their loved-ones. Act now to help the families obtain justice.

What is the issue?

More than 20 protesters and bystanders, and six police officers, were killed during violent protests in August 2022 over mounting frustrations over the soaring cost of living. A Special Investigation Committee set up by the government delivered its findings in March this year. According to eyewitness testimonies, security forces used excessive force to crack down on the protests.

We just hope someday he [those responsible] will be brought to justice, and we will have justice. I know one day justice will prevail, but I don’t know the exact time now.

A relative of one of the victims

More than a year on and the pain of the victims’ families is still as raw as it was in the days following the killings. Since the violent protests, the Sierra Leonean authorities have so far failed to live up to their promise to conduct a full, impartial, and transparent investigation and guarantee justice and truth to the families of victims.

The father of a girl killed, said: “I wish and believe there is a law and an institution that makes sure that justice is served. I still want justice for her and the person who killed my daughter to be brought to justice”.

How can you help?

Send an email to the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to urge him to ensure that those responsible of all killings during the 10 August 2022 demonstrations are brought to justice.