Lesotho: Arrest of journalist a spurious and cynical ploy to intimidate the press

In response to the arrest of the owner of MoAfrika FM, Candi Ramainoane, following the closure of the station earlier this week, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Southern Africa, Muleya Mwananyanda said:

“The closure of MoAfrika FM and the arrest today of the station owner, Candi Ramainoane, is nothing more than a witch-hunt aimed at harassing and intimidating the country’s press.

“The defamation charge against him is spurious and cynical and is meant to send a chilling message to other media owners and journalists of the consequences they face for scrutinising the government.

“Candi Ramainoane must be released immediately and unconditionally and be allowed to do his job. MoAfrika FM should also be re-opened immediately.”

Candi Ramainoane and MoAfrika FM have been targeted for reporting critically about Lesotho’s political affairs.