Human Rights Council: UPR must deliver on human rights

Amnesty International today launched a series of reports detailing key human rights concerns in 12 of the 16 countries that are up for review at the 4th session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group.

The UPR is the first-ever UN mechanism to look systematically at the human rights records of all countries. During the current session, scheduled to run from 2 to 13 February, the Human Rights Council will examine the governments of 16 countries on their human rights records.

Countries scheduled for examination this month include China, Cuba, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, the Russian Federation, and Saudi Arabia.

“We expect Council members to use this unique opportunity to focus on the key human rights challenges in each country under review and make concrete recommendations for how they can improve their fulfilment of their human rights obligations,” said Peter Splinter, Amnesty International’s UN Representative in Geneva.

To read Amnesty International’s briefings on the human rights situation in the countries under review, please click here: