The image shows an apartment building that has been struck by a missile. The rescue services are digging through the rubble to find people buried underneath.

Ukraine: Truth, justice and reparations for victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine ever more paramount following latest attacks

Responding to the latest attacks by Russian forces in Ukraine, including reports of a missile attack on an apartment building which is reported to have killed at least 17 civilians, including two children, Marie Struthers, Regional Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia said:

“Russian missiles continue to cause unspeakable civilian suffering in Ukraine. According to reports, early on 28 April, a Russian missile hit a nine-story civilian apartment building in Uman, causing utter devastation and multiple deaths, including that of two children. More casualties are expected as rescuers search for people under the rubble.

“While the full extent of crimes committed throughout Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine remains unknown, devastating attacks on apartment buildings are frequent under Russian aggression in Ukraine, and Russian forces have repeatedly shown disregard for civilian life and the rules of international humanitarian law.

The Russian Defence Ministry claimed it had targeted Ukrainian army reserve units with long-range strikes using “high-precision” weapons. Residents in Uman told reporters there were no military objectives nearby.  “

“While tens of thousands of cases of war crimes have already been filed by prosecutors in Ukraine, the true number of victims of this invasion will likely be much higher.

“The harm caused by Russia goes beyond the physical; the civilian population of Ukraine is enduring unimaginable psychological and economic harm as a direct result of Russia’s aggression and economic and humanitarian aid are crucial to combat its dreadful impact.

“We are calling for the international community to step up and coordinate and act to ensure that Vladimir Putin and all those suspected of responsibility for war crimes in Ukraine are brought to trial and held accountable to secure truth, justice and reparations for all victims of crimes under international law.”

Background: Since 2014 and subsequently at the beginning of Russia’s full invasion, Amnesty International has been pursuing accountability in Ukraine, as well as documenting war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law. All of Amnesty International’s outputs published to date can be found here.