Rohingya Voices Matter – Activist Toolkit

Nearly one million Rohingyas who fled violent attacks in Myanmar are living in threadbare refugee camps in Bangladesh. They need protection of their rights now more than ever.



Delve into the taste buds, sports and culture that define the Rohingya and let others know a little more about this community, that is generally known as ‘refugees.’ LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS.


These are some of the challenges Rohingya refugees are confronting on a daily basis. SHARE AND RAISE AWARENESS. EVERY ACTION MATTERS.

Hope graphics

Hope is a strong word. Especially when you have nothing, and what you hope for is your basic rights. SHARE THE HOPES OF REFUGEES, HELP THEM BECOME REALITIES.

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Like oxygen is to live, education is to survive. @BDMOFA #EducateRohingyaChildren.

#EducateRohingyaChildren to take conscious decisions. @BDMOFA. bit.lyRightsCantWait

Let the Rohingya speak for themselves. #Rohingyavoicesmatter @BDMOFA.

What Rohingya refugees hope for is their basic rights. Demand for their rights to be protected. @amnestysasia #RohingyaVoicesMatter

“My plane is going to Malaysia. My father lives there. I live here with my mother.” 

Ayatullah wants to be a weatherman so that others can be warned of storms, unlike his family that drowned in a storm hit river as they fled Myanmar. WATCH AND SHARE THIS VIDEO TO LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THE DREAMS OF ROHINGYA CHILDREN.  

Colouring book

This is our special colouring book. Encourage children around you to colour the works of art by their peers from the Rohingya community, tell them their stories to raise a generation with compassion and solidarity. SHARE THE COLOURED COPIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Tag us @amnestysasia and use #WhenIGrowUp.

Download the entire toolkit in PDF