Amnesty International’s call on the extradition of Ahmed Chataev

John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director for Europe and Central Asia:

“Amnesty International unreservedly condemns the horrendous attack in Istanbul which caused the deaths of so many people. It is in no position to confirm Ahmed Chataev’s possible involvement in this abhorrent crime.

“In 2010 Amnesty International called on Ukraine not to extradite Ahmed Chataev to Russia as he faced a significant risk of torture, as well as unfair trial, if he were returned.

“The return of individuals to countries where they face such a risk is strictly prohibited under international human rights law.  Indeed, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against his extradition to Russia for this very reason in 2010.

“Amnesty International did not take a view on the probity of the charges levelled against Ahmed Chataev by Russia or his possible guilt; as this was not relevant to the risk of torture he faced on return.

“Ahmed Chataev’s extradition to Russia would have been possible if the country was not routinely torturing alleged members of armed groups in the North Caucasus. 

“Amnesty International will continue its work to campaign against the use of torture in all circumstances; regardless of the alleged crime.”