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Against gender based violence faced by Venezuelan women and LGBTQI+ people

Venezuelan women, girls and LGBTQI+ people seeking international protection are most impacted by gender based violence, after fleeing the massive human rights violations  that being committed in their country.

According to a 2019 UNHCR report, discrimination, xenophobia and sexualized stereotypes of Venezuelan women often leave them exposed to violence and sexual harassment in host countries. On the other hand, gay and transgender people are among the groups most at risk along the route.

The inequality these people already have to face, is exacerbated by being outside of their country, with no protection from gender based violence. 

This page is a space to learn more about their situation, take action and share resources that can reduce inequalities and stereotypes to tackle gender based violence experienced by women and the LGBTQI+ community in countries such as Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. 

March 2023 – Report Launch “Chile: “No one wants to live in hiding”

Chile had failed to fulfil its obligation to protect people who have fled Venezuela to protect their lives. On the contrary, for those people in need of international protection who manage to enter Chile, accessing refugee status or regularizing their migratory status is an obstacle course. Amnesty International has identified a series of measures that effectively prevent people in need of protection from accessing regular migration status in Chile. Without options to regularize their migration status, Venezuelans in Chile are condemned to a situation of a total lack of protection.

November 2022 – Unprotected in Ecuador: Venezuelan refugee women survivors of

gender-based violence”

Ecuador is the country with the third largest Venezuelan refugee population on the continent. Women, who make up about half of this population, face multiple forms of violence in different spaces, private and public. This report documents how the Ecuadorian state is failing to guarantee the rights of Venezuelan women survivors of gender-based violence who are refugees in the country by not providing them with information or effective access to protection and justice mechanisms.

July 2022 – Report Launch “Unprotected: Gender-based violence against

Venezuelan refugee women in Colombia and Peru”

In Colombia and Peru, the two main receiving countries for Venezuelan refugees in the Americas region, Venezuelan women face multiple forms of violence in public spaces, at home and at work. Despite this, they are denied access to justice and health services because of stereotypes related to their gender, nationality and gender identity, among other factors, which also mean they experience new forms of violence and discrimination when they try to file a complaint. For many, the lack of regular migration status and information about their rights exacerbates these difficulties. This report outlines how the Colombian and Peruvian authorities are failing to guarantee Venezuelan women’s rights to a life free from violence and discrimination.

June 2022 – World Refugee Day and Pride Month

Venezuelan LGBTQI+ people living in Colombia and Peru face constant discrimination based on their nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity. These forms of discrimination sometimes become invisible to those who do not experience them on a daily basis. It is everyone’s job to break stereotypes about LGBTQI+ people from venezuela.

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Between Invisibility and Discrimination: LGBTQI+ Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia and Peru

March 2022- International Women’s Day

Launch Event: One Voice for Equality



8 points by Venezuelan women and LGBTQI+ refugees against gender based violence


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