Shot in the back then in the face

On 4 July 2020, 16 years old Clinton Dongala Carlos was shot dead at around 6:50 pm in the Boa Esperança 1 neighbourhood, Cacuaco Municipality, Luanda province. Clinton had just finished dinner at his aunt’s house and was returning home, a 300-meters walk. According to testimonies, six security forces agents, including two FAA members and one PNA agent, all in uniform, and two plainclothes PNA agents, known to the local community, were chasing suspects. The neighbours who were on the street, noticing something was off, ran to protect themselves. The officers then chased Clinton, who was running towards his home and shot him in the back. According to witnesses, the officers approached Clinton and, probably realizing that the boy was ‘innocent’, asked neighbours for water and poured it in his face. The neighbours who were in hiding heard a second shot. When the officers left, the neighbours saw that Clinton had just been shot in the face.

On the same day, Clinton’s neighbours and family members broke into the homes of police officers who allegedly murdered Clinton and destroyed their belongings. Three neighbours and four family members of Clinton were arrested and taken to the 41st police station. On July 6, they were transferred to Cacuaco Municipal Command where they were held for 14 days. On 20 July, the seven people were released without charges after paying a deposit of 140,000 Kwanzas (approximately 250 USD).

Clinton’s parents told Amnesty International and OMUNGA that the police informed them that the officers suspected of criminal responsibility for Clinton’s murder were in prison, but they have not received other information about the procedure against them.