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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Further information: Torture/ill-treatment; legal concern: Ahmad Sulayman Musa Qatamesh and (new name) Suha Barghouthi

, Index number: MDE 15/024/1992

AI remains concerns about allegations that Ahmad Qatamesh has been tortured or ill-treated during interrogation. His detention was extended for a further 30 days on 23 September 1992; he is currently held in Ramallah Prison. Ahmad Qatamesh was not allowed to meet his lawyer until 23 September; at this meeting he complained to him about prolonged sleep deprivation and other ill-treatment including shackling. Suha Barghouthi, Ahmad Qatamesh's wife, was arrested on 24 September. She is apparently being interrogated in the Moscobiyyah detention centre about her husband's alleged activities on behalf of the PFLP. AI is seeking more information on the reasons for both arrests.

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