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Bahrain: Further information on fear of torture / legal concerns

, Index number: MDE 11/023/1996

'Ali Ahmad Kadham al-Muttaqawi, Jassim Hassan Mansour al-Khayat, Hussein Ahmed al-Mudhifa, Hussein Yousif Ibrahim, 'Ali Ahmad Kazem 'Abd 'Ali, 'Abbas 'Ali Ahmad Habil and at least 28 others: AI has learned that 'Abbas 'Ali Ahmad Habil has been tried by the State Security Court and sentenced in two separate cases to a total of 13 years in jail. Reportedly, his trial began three months before his "confession" was broadcast on national television together with those of the above-mentioned five men. There is concern that the "confessions" may have been extracted under pressure, as a result of torture or ill-treatment. The men are being held in incommunicado detention.

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