Taiwan: Army conscript tortured to death

Index Number: ASA 38/008/1993

Army conscript, Chen Shih-wei, died in army custody on 16 July 1993. Compelling evidence indicates that he was imprisoned and tortured to death by officers of a disciplinary army unit based on Green Island, off Taiwan. Chen Shih-wei is said to have reported to his unit in Ilan on 8 July, about 36 hours later than permitted. As a punishment, he was immediately assigned to the Li-Teh Training Unit where officers were apparently ordered to single him out for severe punishment. He appears to have been handcuffed and tortured while imprisoned for more than two days. On 12 July he was admitted to the Li-Teh unit’s infirmary and died on 16 July of intracerebral bleeding and severe brain injury. Suspended officers at the unit have refused to provide a satisfactory account of his death

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