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People's Republic of China: August arrests in Tibet

, Index number: ASA 17/037/1993

According to unofficial reports from Lhasa, a Tibetan academic Tenpa Kelsang, a group of four nuns and two or three other Tibetans have been detained in a series of arrests of pro-independence activists in Lhasa during August 1993. On 6 August, 30-year-old Tenpa Kelsang was arrested at the University of Tibet. On 17 August, a foreign tourist reported seeing a group of four nuns arrested by plainclothes police after shouting pro- independence slogans at the Jokhang Temple. There are unconfirmed reports that two or three Tibetans were arrested on 18 August at the Norbulingka, a former residence of the Dalai Lama. Over 100 Tibetans have reportedly been arbitrarily arrested since April 1993, and there is concern that many of those detained are prisoners of conscience.

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