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Further information on UA 92/94 (ASA 17/13/94, 7 March) - People's Republic of China: medical concern: Bao Tong

, Index number: ASA 17/019/1994

Bao Tong, a 60-year-old prisoner of conscience, has been transferred from Qincheng Prison to a hospital in Beijing. According to his family, he was moved to Fuxing hospital after suffering from severe pain due to inflammation of the shoulder joints. He already suffers from a variety of potentially serious ailments, including a reduced white blood cell count, chronic gastritis, arthritis and growths in his colon, intestines and thyroid glands. Despite repeated written appeals to the authorities, his family have still not been given access to his medical records, and there is concern that the growths and tumours he has developed could be cancerous.

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