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UA 417/93 - Haiti: fear for safety: Sergot Metayer, Djobit Cius, Bertrand Dorismon, Anvi Charitable, Chatte Metayer, Rosny, Aloud Metayer, "Pinikrit", "Jean-Clou" (arrested); Amio Metayer, Mr Dieujuste, William Charles, Dodo Metayer, Willam Joseph, Romane

, Index number: AMR 36/035/1993

AI is concerned about the recent arrest without warrant of the above-named inhabitants of Gonaives, principally from the shanty town of Raboteau. AI is also concerned about reports that some of the prisoners have been beaten and tortured. Those arrested include a pregnant woman and two seventeen-year-old youths.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 36/ /93
Distr: UA/SC
UA /93 Fear for Safety 26 November 1993
HAITI Arrests
Sergot METAYER, aged 17
Djobit CIUS, aged 17
Rosny (surname not known)
Aloud METAYER (pregnant female)
"Pinikrit" (nickname)
"Jean-Clou" (nickname)
Fear of Arrest
William JOSEPH
Marc-Antoine NICOLÁS
Amnesty International is concerned about a recent spate of arrests without
warrant and attacks by the armed forces on inhabitants of Gonaïves,
principally from the shanty town of Raboteau, Artibonite Department.
According to reports, on 20 November 1993 soldiers arrested three youths from
Raboteau, who were in Port-au-Prince. The soldiers were apparently looking
for local Raboteau leader, Amio Metayer, who they believed was in
Port-au-Prince, but on not finding him, they arrested Sergot Metayer, Djobit
Cius and Bertrand Dorismon instead. They were beaten
on arrest and taken to the prison in Gonaïves.
Also on that day, Chatte Metayer was arrested in Raboteau. He was beaten by
soldiers and threatened with death if he did not take them to the homes of
certain people. Several houses were then searched, but only two people were
found at home: Anvi Charitable was severely beaten and arrested in Raboteau
and a young man by the name of Rosny was arrested in Cité Duvalier. Two days
later Anvi Charitable and Chatte Metayer were reportedly tortured by the djak
method (a bar is placed underneath the legs and above the arms while the prisoner
is beaten) at the Gonaïves military barracks. They are still believed to be
detained. Other homes in Raboteau were searched on 20 November for the following
people: Mr. Dieujuste, William Charles, Dodo Metayer and William Joseph, but
since they were not at home they were not arrested. One mother, Mary Kenol,
was threatened with death if she did not hand over her son, Marc-Antoine Nicolás.
As her son was not there the soldiers left.
The following day, members of the armed forces went to the home of Romane
Toussaint in Raboteau. When his mother, Aloud Metayer, who was pregnant at
the time, refused to give any information about her son, the soldiers beat
her severely with a baton, particularly her stomach, and arrested her.
Also on 21 November a young man nicknamed "Pinikrit", who was attending a wake
for his dead mother in Raboteau, was beaten before being arrested.
On 22 November a man nicknamed "Jean-Clou" from the shanty town of Sans Raison,
Gonaïves, was reportedly arrested in Port-au-Prince. He was taken to the prison
in Gonaïves where he was severely beaten.
President Aristide was due to return to power on 30 October 1993, according
to the 3 July 1993 agreement signed by him and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
Forces, General Raoul Cédras. However, this did not happen and there has been
no indication of any other date being set for President Aristide's return.
General Cédras and Police Chief Michel François are effectively ruling the
country. As the date when President Aristide was to have returned drew nearer
there was a marked upsurge in human rights violations, including the killings
of Aristide supporter Antoine Izméry and Justice Minister Guy Malary. President
Aristide's supporters continue to suffer widespread threats and attacks.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes and airmail letters
either in French or English or in your own language:
- expressing concern at reports of the arrest without warrant of the above
listed people, as well as beatings of some of the detainees in Gonaïves;
- urging that their whereabouts be immediately clarified and that if held
in detention, their physical security be guaranteed and that they be promptly
brought before a competent court or else released;
- urging that the physical security of the other people listed above be
- asking that while in detention, they be granted access to a lawyer, a doctor
and relatives;
- urging prompt and impartial investigations into these allegations, that
the findings be made public and that those found responsible be brought to
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces:
Monsieur le Générale Raoul CEDRAS
Commandant-en-Chef des Forces Armées d'Haiti
Grand Quartier Général des Forces Armées d'Haiti
Rue Geffrard
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telegrams: Commandant-en-Chef des Armées d'Haiti Cedras,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: + 509 22 3935
Telexes: 20391 gqfadh
Faxes: + 509 23 9007, + 509 23 9407
Salutation: Monsieur le Général / Dear General
Gonaïves Military Barracks:
Colonel Bellony Groshomme
Caserne Toussaint Louverture
Commander of the Military district of Gonaïves:
Capitaine Castera Senafils
Commandant du Sous-District Militaire
Caserne Toussaint Louverture
Judicial Authority in Gonaïves:
Maître Roland Paphius
Commissaire du Gouvernement
Parquet du Tribunal Civil
Rue Louverture
Gonaïves, HAITI
Human Rights Organizations:
Commission Justice et Paix
56, Ruelle Piquant, BP 1572
Artibonite Journal
Département de l'Artibonite
and to diplomatic representatives of Haiti accredited to your country
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 7 January 1993.

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