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Further information on UA 36/93 (AMR 34/03/93, 12 February; and follow-up AMR 34/05/93, 16 February) - Guatemala: threats / harassment: Staff of the Asociacion para el Avance de las Ciencias Sociales en Guatemala (AVANCSO), Association for the Advancement

, Index number: AMR 34/023/1993

Amnesty International is concerned at recent renewed acts of intimidation against Helen Mack Chang. These and previous acts of intimidation against her and other members of AVANCSO, appear to be reprisals against the conviction of an army serjeant for the murder of Helen Mack Chang's sister, Myrna Mack. On 12 February 1993, army sergeant Noel de Jesus Beteta was sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment for the murder of Myrna Mack, with an additional five years for a separate assault on a minor. On 29 April the Appeal Court ratified the sentence.

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