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North Andean 06/91 - Ecuador: torture of Indian leader

, Index number: AMR 28/003/1991

Jose Maria Cabascango, 28-year-old human rights secretary of the Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indigenas del Ecuador (CONAIE), Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, was detained with other leaders of Indian communities on 11 June 1991 in Cajas, Imbabura provice. The detained Indian leaders were handcuffed, blindfolded and eventually transferred to the custody of the Servicio de Inteligencia Criminal (SIC). Most of the detainees were reportedly released the next day but Jose Maria Cabascango was held until 13 June. Amnesty International is concerned about reports that he was tortured and threatened with execution by the SIC during his detention. In recent years there have been many conflicts over land involving Indian communities in Imbabura province.

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