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Colombia: Fear for Safety/"Disappearances": Civilian inhabitants of Cerro Azul and Caño Huila

, Index number: AMR 23/029/2000

At least 17 civilians: Cielo Gil Echeverri; Gustavo Castellon ASTELLÓN ECHEVERRÍ, aged 11; Daniel HERRERA ECHEVERRÍ, aged 14; Alfonso ARENAS ECHEVERRÍ, aged 7; Diana HERRERA ECHEVERRÍ, aged 5; Denán de Jesús GONZÁLEZ, aged 13; Breiner ROBLES PÉREZ, aged 11; Alcira GÓMEZ; Orlando BADILLO; María ESTRADA; Jesús FLÓREZ ESTRADA; and at least six peasant farmers have "disappeared" from two communities in the central Magdalena Medio area of Colombia, reportedly at the hands of army-backed paramilitaries. Paramilitaries have threatened to kill other civilians in the area, and Amnesty International is seriously concerned for their safety.

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