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UA 309/92 - Brazil: extrajudicial executions: killing of 111 inmates in Sao Paulo Prison

, Index number: AMR 19/024/1992

AI is concerned about the killing of at least 111 prisoners and the wounding of at least 35 others at the Casa de Detencao, Sao Paulo, on 2 October 1992. AI is calling for an independent inquiry into events in the prison on 2 October. Violence reportedly broke out when rival gangs in Pavilion 9 attacked each other. Military police were called in when the violence turned into a general uprising. After efforts to negotiate allegedly failed, several hundred officers, backed by helicopters, moved in to take control at dusk. Most of the inmate deaths reportedly resulted from gunshot wounds. No police officers were killed but 22 were reported injured. Prisoners have reportedly rejected police accusations that they were armed with guns and planned a mass escape.

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