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Rwanda: "Disappearance" / fear for safety: Diogene Nyombayire

, Index number: AFR 47/009/1997

There are grave concerns for the safety of Diogene Nyombayire, a 34-year-old peasant, who was arrested at the end of January or early February 1997 after being forcibly returned from Tanzania. His current whereabouts are unknown. He is a witness to and one of the few survivors of a massacre of more than 100 Rwandese asylum-seekers carried out by Tutsi civilians with the alleged collusion of Burundi security forces and RPF members at Mamfu, near Kiri transit centre, in Kirundo province, at the Burundi-Rwanda border. A few days after his return he was threatened by local Rwandese officials, some of whom allegedly played a part in the massacre, and about one month later he was arrested.

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