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Chad campaign 21 April to end August 1993: Never again? Killings continue into the 1990s: cases for appeals

, Index number: AFR 20/005/1993

This document contains eight appeal cases which illustrate AI's main concerns about reported violations by the security forces in Chad. They are: the killing of Joseph Behidi, lawyer and Vice-President of the Ligue tchadienne des droits de l'homme; the shooting and injuring of Irene Remadji, aged two (her mother was killed); the massacre of 100 civilians, including six schoolchildren, in Doba; the shooting and serious injury of Fatima Abrahim Ahmat; the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat and six others; the death in detention, by torture, of Raymond Natangar, director of a teachers' college; the killing of Bisso Mamadou, company director; and the "disappearance" of Gabriel Belel, gendarme and chauffeur.

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