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Ecuador: Further information on fear for safety
7 June 2006

The following - Dr Alejandro Ponce Villacís (m); Dr Pablo Fajardo Mendoza (m); Ermel Chávez Parra (m); Cármen Allauca (f); Luis Yanza (m); Julio Marcelo ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/005/2006

Ecuador: Fear for safety
15 May 2006

Guadalupe de Heredia has been the target of a campaign of intimidation, which has included violent attacks. She is the press officer of the legal team ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/004/2006

2006 Elections to the Human Rights Council: Background ...
30 April 2006

In order to assist Member States in assessing the contribution and commitment of candidates to the promotion and protection of human rights, this document ...

Report       IOR 41/006/2006

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Threats
20 April 2006

Indigenous leader, María Iza Quinatoa, has reportedly been the target of an increasing campaign of threats and intimidation. Amnesty International believes ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/003/2006

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Threats
9 April 2006

Trade unionist, Manuel Mesías Tatamuez Moreno (President of the Confederación Ecuatoriana de Organizaciones Clasistas Unitarias de ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/001/2006

Ecuador: Fear for safety
9 April 2006

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Jhonny Jiménez Jiménez, President of the Servicio de Paz y Justicia ( SERPAJ), Peace and Justice ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/002/2006

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Death threats: Lina Maria Espinoza ...
7 September 2005

Colombian human rights defender Lina María Espinoza Villegas, who has been helping communities involved in protests against oil companies operating ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/017/2005

Ecuador: Further information on: Fear for safety
11 July 2005

A death threat was sent to Acción Ecológica on 5 July, in a text message to one of the mobile phones used by the organization. All the people who work ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/016/2005

Ecuador: Fear for safety
10 July 2005

María Teresa Cherres Mesías, a community leader from Condor village in Orellana province, in the northern Amazon region of Ecuador, has been ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/015/2005

Ecuador: Fear for safety
31 May 2005

The offices of the non-governmental organisation Acción Ecológica (Environmental Action) in the capital, Quito, were reportedly burgled on 22 ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/013/2005