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Haiti: Justice for all! Justice now! End impunity for crimes ...
22 September 2011

Postcard       AMR 36/009/2011

Haiti: Eviction threat for makeshift camp in Haiti
19 September 2011

Over 300 people who have been living in a makeshift camp in the capital of Haiti since their homes were destroyed in the earthquake in January 2010 ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/014/2011

Haiti: Fear of eviction for two hundred families
15 September 2011

Two hundred families have been threatened with eviction from their makeshift camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Amnesty International is concerned that ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/013/2011

Amnesty International Uruguay expresses its concern about ...
8 September 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. Index: AMR 52/003/2011. 8 September 2011. Amnesty International ...

Public Statement       AMR 52/003/2011

Haiti: Human rights concerns in Haiti: Amnesty International ...
31 July 2011

In this submission, Amnesty International expresses concerns in relation to the normative and institutional framework of the State and the promotion and ...

Report       AMR 36/011/2011

Haiti: Further information: Families in Haiti forcibly evicted
26 July 2011

Some of the families who were evicted from a makeshift camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, have been relocated to alternative accommodation, which falls ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/010/2011

Hundreds of Haitian families evicted from earthquake camp ...
22 July 2011

Authorities in Haiti's capital have forcibly evicted hundreds of families from a makeshift camp formed after last year's devastating earthquake.


Haiti: Families in Haiti at risk of forced eviction
14 July 2011

More than 500 homeless families are at risk of being forcibly evicted from a makeshift camp located in central Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where they have ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/008/2011

Haiti: Stop evictions of homeless Haitians
29 May 2011

Since 23 May, more than 300 homeless families have been forcibly evicted from two makeshift camps in the Delmas municipality of Port-au-Prince, ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/006/2011

Annual Report 2011: Global Update: Events covering the ...
13 May 2011

The first four months of 2011 witnessed an unprecedented surge of ordinary people speaking up for their rights and demanding change. But the authorities ...

PressItem       POL 10/008/2011