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Enforced disappearances still an appalling reality in the ...
29 August 2013

Enforced disappearances in the Americas are not only an inheritance of the dark past of the authoritarian governments of the 1970s and 80s, but also ...


Colombia: Displaced families' leaders threatened
23 August 2013

Armed men believed to be Colombian paramilitaries have threatened, and apparently attempted to kill, leaders of the families forcibly displaced from ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/038/2013

Colombia: Further information: Death threat against Danilo ...
23 August 2013

Colombian human rights defender Danilo Rueda received a death threat on 22 August in the capital, Bogotá. His life is in danger.

Urgent Action       AMR 23/039/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries threaten trade unionists
8 August 2013

Paramilitaries have threatened scores of trade unionists, many of whom are in labour negotiations, as well as human rights defenders and other ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/037/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries threaten to kill defenders
7 August 2013

Paramilitaries are planning to kill members of a Colombian human rights NGO, Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission, and community leaders ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/036/2013

Colombia: Peasant farmers at risk following killings
5 August 2013

Two peasant farmer leaders have been killed in the municipality of Tierralta, northern Colombia. There are fears for the safety of peasant farmers living ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/035/2013

Colombia: Human rights defenders threatened
1 August 2013

Paramilitaries have threatened to kill human rights defenders Hernando Mejía López and David Espinoza in the northern Colombian city of Barrancabermeja ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/034/2013

Colombia: Trade union leader and family threatened
25 July 2013

Colombian trade union leader Héctor Sánchez received a death threat on 16 July. In a separate incident information was stolen from an NGO in the capital ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/033/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries intimidate with death threats
24 July 2013

In two separate instances on 16 and 17 July, paramilitaries delivered warnings and death threats to human rights defenders. A threat was made at the ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/032/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries threaten trade union leader: Juan ...
16 July 2013

A Colombian paramilitary group has threatened to kill trade union leader Juan Carlos Galvis and two of his children, and also LGBTI activists in ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/030/2013