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15 July 2008
Reacting to the release of a video publicly showing Canadian citizen Omar Khadr being questioned at the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Amnesty International
04 July 2008
After six years in captivity at the hands of the FARC guerrilla group, the former Colombian presidential candidate was freed following a military operation.
26 June 2008
To mark the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Amnesty International members and supporters are taking action around the world.
18 June 2008
On the 12 June 2008 the US Supreme Court  recognized, in the case of Boumediene v.Bush, the right of those detained at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba to challenge
05 June 2008
In June 2008, Amnesty International will campaign worldwide to end the use of torture and other ill-treatment. 
02 June 2008
The first female judge to work at the High Court in Pakistan, Majida Razvi; a young Brighton-based Zimbabwean, Alois Mbawara; and Murat Kurnaz, released from Guant&aac
15 May 2008
Extradition of Colombian paramilitary leaders should not be used as an excuse to end investigations into the role played by paramilitaries in committing human rights
14 May 2008
Parliamentarians present US government officials with an Amnesty International declaration endorsed by over 1,200 of their counterparts worldwide.
08 May 2008
A life-size model of a cell at Guantánamo will travel to US cities to bring a taste of the harsh realities of prolonged isolation in detention to the US public.
18 April 2008
The US Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the state of Kentucky's lethal injection procedures are constitutional.
07 April 2008
All UN member states are facing a rigorous examination of their human rights records.
28 March 2008
Sixteen years after the end of El Salvador's civil war, the whereabouts of hundreds of children who disappeared during the conflict remain unknown.
28 March 2008
The US military launched air strikes in Basra on Friday for the first time since the Iraqi authorities began their crackdown on the Mahdi Army, followers of the Shi&
18 March 2008
Guatemala's first ever trial for enforced disappearances began last week.
14 March 2008
A man who spent nearly three years in secret CIA detention spoke exclusively to Amnesty International about his ordeal.
14 March 2008
An Indigenous Canadian community’s longstanding campaign to stop clear-cut logging on its land has prompted a multinational paper company to stop buying wood f
10 March 2008
Louise Arbour has confirmed that she is to resign from her position as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
29 February 2008
Cuba signed two major human rights treaties at the UN in New York on Thursday.
28 February 2008
Four more hostages have been released by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
23 February 2008
Amnesty International has called for a full, independent investigation into any further UK involvement in renditions.
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