Zambia/Rwanda: "Disappearance": Agnes Ntamabyaliro Rutagwera (f)

Zambia/Rwanda: "Disappearance": Agnes Ntamabyaliro Rutagwera (f)

Index Number: AFR 01/011/1997
Date Published: 19 June 1997
Categories: Africa

There are grave fears for the safety of Agnes Ntamabyaliro Rutagwera, a former government minister in Rwanda, who "disappeared" from her home in Mufulira, northern Zambia, on 27 May 1997. She was reportedly asked to accompany three men, two of whom were described as wearing uniforms of the Zambian immigration service, after they arrived at her home in a car reportedly bearing a Zambian government licence plate. Investigations by the immigration office and the Zambian police have so far failed to reveal her whereabouts. There is concern that if she has been returned to Rwanda, her life may be at risk.

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