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France: ‘Dark day for freedom of expression’ as gunmen attack satirical newspaper

7 January 2015

The deadly attack by gunmen on the Paris office of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo is a chilling assault on freedom of expression.  

Uganda/CAR: Dominic Ongwen must face trial for crimes against humanity

7 January 2015

Following reports that Dominic Ongwen has surrendered to US forces, Amnesty International is calling for his immediate transfer to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to face trial.   

Sri Lanka: Death threats against activists highlight risk of violence around elections

7 January 2015

Sri Lankan authorities must hold to account those who threatened three prominent activists with death today and ensure that tomorrow’s presidential elections passes without further violence.

Tunisia: Blogger jailed by military court should be released

6 January 2015

The decision by a military court to continue the detention of Tunisian blogger Yassine Ayari is a gross violation of the right to freedom of expression, said Amnesty International as his re-trial started today. 

Egypt: Retrial of Al Jazeera journalists must pave way to their unconditional freedom

1 January 2015

An Egyptian court’s call for a retrial of three jailed Al Jazeera journalists acknowledges major flaws in the original convictions but leaves the men in unjust incarceration.


Eastern Ukraine: Humanitarian disaster looms as food aid blocked

24 December 2014

Pro-Kyiv volunteer battalions are increasingly blocking humanitarian aid into eastern Ukraine in a move which will exacerbate a pending humanitarian crisis in the run up to Christmas and New Year. 

‘Another way to deal with mass atrocities’ – one lawyer’s role in the Arms Trade Treaty

24 December 2014

With the global Arms Trade Treaty entering into force this week, Amnesty International spoke to Clare da Silva, a lawyer who assisted the organization with legal and policy advice over many years through to the treaty negotiations at the United Nations.

India must bring perpetrators to justice for civilian deaths

24 December 2014

The series of attacks, allegedly by armed groups, on unarmed civilians in Assam that has led to the death of at least 50 people and serious injuries to several others is highly condemnable and shows contempt for human lives.

Iraq: Yezidi women and girls face harrowing sexual violence

23 December 2014

Torture, including rape and other forms of sexual violence, suffered by women and girls from Iraq’s Yezidi minority who were abducted by the armed group calling itself the Islamic State, highlights the savagery of IS rule, said Amnesty International in a new briefing today. 

Guilty verdicts in landmark Nalchik trial expose horrors of Russian criminal justice system

23 December 2014

Jail sentences against 57 defendants accused of participating in an armed attack in the North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in 2005 are a huge miscarriage of justice.

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